Scars of the Past

Over 40,000 years ago, the Giants ruled the continent of Xen’drik. Taught to use ancient magic and given powerful magical artifacts by the Dragons of Argonesson, these giants used their newfound magical gifts to build a powerful civilization. But power corrupted them, and their empire was destroyed, leaving behind only ancient monuments and relics to a civilization that is now but a shadow of a shadow of its former glory.

What led to the Giants’ downfall? Was it the invasion from Dal’Quor, the Realm of Dreams? Was it the rebellion of the Elves and Drow that they had enslaved? Or did the Dragons intervene, putting an end to the corruption and nihilism that the magical secrets they had shared with the Giants spawned? The secrets of the Giants’ fall have long been thought to have been lost to the ravages of time…

Until now. An ancient artifact known only as the Sphere of Remembrance has suddenly surfaced. It is believed by some to have been used to store the memories of some of the most powerful Giants of their Age. The Elves and Drow seek it, hoping to reconnect with their ancient ancestors and form a link to their own tormented past. The Dragons of Argonesson seek it, hoping to prevent another Race from gaining secrets that they have vowed would never be shared again. Agents of Dal’Quor seek it, hoping to gain knowledge of the magical energies the Giants used to seal the portal between the Realm of Dreams and Eberron. Others seek it, hoping to unlock the powerful magic that the Giants wielded and use it to usher in a new Age…

Few have held the Sphere, and even fewer still have actually used it. Among those few is a small Band of Adventurers, who held the Sphere in their hands, only to unwittingly let it slip from them…Will they find the Sphere again and recover what it took from them, or will they be left to forever bear the scars of the past?

Scars of the Past

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