Scars of the Past

An unexpected Reunion

After some experimentation with the statue, you discover that it functions differently under moonlight, allowing you to ask it questions and receive answers that pertain to the Giants that constructed it. It seems to be mostly of Historical value, but this seems to be the intended target of Riven’s (The Deathless Eladrin) quest. Methalis is able to create a portal, teleporting both Riven and the statue back to Stormreach. The party decides to remain in the jungle, and continue searching for the Green Dragon’s lair.

Using the information retrieved from the Dragon’s corpse, you are finally able to locate a waterfall that matches the description that the Dragon had given you. Once you make your way into the cavern behind the waterfall, you are ambushed by a group of strange looking Lizardfolk. They are larger, and much more scaly than normal Lizardfolk, and they breath poisonous gas, unlike any other Lizardfolk you have seen before.

After dispatching the Lizardfolk, you discover a side passage that leads you to several normal looking female Lizardfolk, as well as several young Lizardfolk who also appear altered. You allow them to live, but destroy the remaining unhatched eggs. Methalis surmises that the Dragon may have been somehow cross-breeding Lizardfolk with Dragonborn, or perhaps even fertilizing the Lizardfolk eggs himself so as to create a new race. Either way, you are unsure of what purpose he had in creating these creatures.

Within another part of the cavern, you at last come upon the Dragon’s hoard, which is well stocked with both gold, magic items, and historical artifacts collected from around Xen’Drik. As you are going through the hoard and cataloging which items are worth taking and which not, you hear a man’s voice behind you…

“Well, this is certainly not what I had expected to find….”

Standing in the middle of the tunnel is a tall human. He is fair of skin and dressed strangely, in a style that is unfamiliar to you. He wears a long robe that appears to be wrapped in golden weavings, and his lightly colored hair almost sparkles in the dim lighting. He has no weapons that you can see, but his robes could be hiding them well.

Kasim immediately recognizes him. The last he saw him was in the desert of his homeland when he saved Kasim’s life…The name he gave Kasim at the time was Arek Mahmuud.

Arek is curious about your presence here, and what has become of the Dragon that once inhabited the cave. You inform him that the Dragon is dead.

So, Szarrathax finally met a meal he couldn’t stomach…I must say that I only mourn his loss because of my loyalty to the Chamber. It seems he had some fascination with Dragonborn, and he was cross-breeding them with the native Lizardfolk. To what end, we may never know. He also had other experiments with Dragonborn. He believed that Dragonborn could be manipulated to bear Dragonmarks. I’d heard rumor that he’d succeeded, but have not yet seen the evidence…Odd.

Looking towards Kriv, he asks:

You, Dragonborn, what is your name? ... And how many winters have you seen? ... You do not look like any DB I have ever seen. It would be ironic indeed if one of Szarrathax’s own creations were the implement of his destruction…

Kriv explains his unique background. Arek is intrigued by this, but does not press the issue any farther. Instead, he explains why he is in Xen’Drik:

Szarrathax was supposed to be seeking an artifact that was lost here before the fall of the Giants. An ancient artifact that was given to the Giants as a gift from my ancestors. It’s simplest function was a receptacle for memories. Any memory could be stored within and retrieved later. It was used to catalog important events, to be seen by others through the eyes of those who experienced them. It was lost eons ago when the Giant empire fell to the invasion from Dal Quor. It was believed that the Sphere was lost for all time, but recently there have been whispers amongst my people that the Sphere has resurfaced, and that it contains some secret that the Giants discovered that is somehow important to the Prophecy.

When asked about the Prophecy, Arek seems evasive, but finally relents and gives up some information:

I must abide the ancient rules, even in this place where it is unlikely that the Chamber would have eyes, but in my homeland, my brethren and I study history and the lesser races, looking for clues and signs that the prophecy is being fulfilled. What the prophecy actually is, is another matter entirely. Some say that it is the end of this world, some say a return to the Glory of Siberys. I have no theories either way. I simply find the patterns interesting to observe and record.

Arek inquires if any of you bear a Dragonmark. When you all reply that you do not, but that you do have a connection to this artifact that he seeks, or one very much like it, he says:

Hmm interesting…the Prophecy seems to swirl around you. I was not aware that it could steal memories against someone’s will. Normally a Ritual is performed and the memories are freely given and shared. Perhaps someone devised a way to trap the Sphere in such a way to facilitate this…In any case, where is it now?

You inform him that you gave it to a Diva in Stormreach, who was also seeking it.

That is unfortunate. I suppose the search continues then. Perhaps I will have more luck finding this Diva. At least we now know that the Sphere is still active and was not destroyed by the Quori invasion. I may come to you again. My instincts were correct when I met Kasim. You and your friends are somehow bound to the Prophecy. That makes you important, but it also makes you a target. There are those who seek to subvert the Prophecy to their own ends, and will seek to destroy anything that might stand in their way. Beware of others like me…

When asked how you will know who they are, he says:

That I cannot tell you, except that they will be interested in any Dragonmarks you possess, or any important deeds you have accomplished that have had an affect on the world.

Finally, you ask Arek what he is…

Arek smiles, revealing sharp, pointed teeth that seem to grow longer when he smiles. Then, you realize that it isn’t your imagination. His teeth grow disproportionately to his body, and suddenly his arms and legs grow bright and scaly. His face expands into a long snout, and giant wings sprout from his back. When the transformation is complete, his form barely fits into the cavern. Crouched before you is a very large, very ancient Gold Dragon.

His voice booms throughout the chamber:

We will meet again, adventurers, but for now I must leave. If you find the sphere, guard it well. I fear its secrets are being sought by powers beyond even my own…



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