Scars of the Past

You finished watching the grueling death match in the Red Ring, and decided to probe the locals about how you could become owners of a stable of Gladiators. The two officials you spoke to, namely the head servant of the upper level of the Red Ring, and the random gate agent, really weren’t very forthcoming on the matter. You were, however, able to procure an expensive bottle of wine and the same box seats for the next three matches. The gate agent was also able to point you in the direction of the Black Wrack, the largest and busiest tavern in Stormreach, where spectators can hob nob with gladiators and stable owners alike and enjoy a fine mug of ale while they’re at it.

At the Black Wrack, you met one stable owner, one of the Bloodbound in fact, a minotaur named Kolos of the Ivory Horn. Lydan spoke with Kolos, and learned that he fought his way out of slavery and now owns his own stable named the Ivory Horn. You learned that Kolos was different than other gladiators in that he stayed in the Red Ring after earning his freedom, and now only fights to help other slaves escape the brutal lifestyle of an enslaved gladiator. When he learns of your quest to free Trogan from the Ring, he promises to aid you however he can, and vows to learn which stable Trogan is in and get you an audience with his owner.

However, after you part ways, you remember that you actually already know who Trogan’s owner is, a man named Ereg D’Avalis, and that Kasim has a letter inviting you to dine with him at your leisure. You decide to wait until the next day to do so, and head back to the Marketplace to find an inn. You settle on the Chapterhouse, the local House Ghallanda establishment, and have a restful evening in some of the finest rooms available to Stormreach visitors.

The next day, you spend the day going to “The Nest”, the local Wayfinder’s Foundation chapter operating facility, which is a converted ruins on the outskirts of the city. There you are able to procure some good quality maps, you learn about several available excursions that the Foundation is sponsoring, and you meet with Kharva Crack-tusk, head of the local Wayfinder chapter.

Kharva actually recognizes you, and inquires about the success of your most recent excursion, which she apparently personally handled. She claims not to know much about your Deva patron, Omara, but tells you that she has been desperately seeking this “Sphere of Remembrance” for some time, claiming that it had some historical significance to Devas. While she is not able to shed much light on your recent history in Stormreach, she does have a proposal for you…

I do have one assignment that might interest you. Lord Boroman is sending a team of adventurers into Xen’drik once again seeking a cure for the wasting illness that ails him. I’ve sent numerous expeditions back to the temple myself, attempting to find some further clue as to how he contracted the illness and whether the temple hid some clue as to a cure, but every time we’ve been woefully unsuccessful. I still consider it one of my greatest failures…Now he’s sending a team of his own without so much as contacting me. Were it not for a friend of mine back in Khorvaire, I would never have known about it. So, it seems that he is either growing desperate to find a cure, or he has some new information. I wish him the best, but…if this new expedition succeeds where I have failed, it will only serve to undermine my position here. I merely wish to make sure that Lord Boroman knows that I have done everything in my power to find the cure. I want to send someone along to shadow thes new expedition and make sure that they succeed. With your other recent successes, I thought your team would be the perfect choice.

You decline Kharva’s offer for the time being, but she tells you that she doesn’t have anyone else in mind, so if you change your mind, to let her know immediately. As you leave, Kharva delivers a message to Lydan. It seems that an Eladrin femal ecame around The Nest looking for him, desperate to speak to him.

You spend the rest of the day wandering the city and getting your bearings, trying to see if anything jogs any of your missing memories, with little success. That evening, you go to visit with Ereg D’Avalis, who welcomes you into his home, which is adorned with the heads of several strange and exotic creatures mounted on the walls, indicating his love of hunting. He brings you wine and bids you to relax while he tells you why he invited you…

As you can see, I have one of the most varied and eclectic collections of rare beasts, all hunted and killed by yours truly, stuffed and mounted or otherwise displayed in my home. But there is one creature native to Xen’drik that eluded me; a fearsome lizard known as the lurking Two-maw. He is a ferocious hunter, and he is one of the most feared creatures on this island. Now, I fear I am too seasoned to make another attempt to capture one. I was hoping to hire some young, upstart adventurers to do the job for me, but no one suitable to the task has presented themselves. Until now that is…

Before you can discuss payment, you tell him of the Giant in his stable that you are interested in. He seems reluctant to part with him, but finally he relents and agrees to a trade: the Giant for an intact specimen of a Lurking Two-maw.

You go back to the Black Wrack to meet with Kolos, whereupon you inform him of your deal with Ereg. Kolos offers his services to come along and help take down this mighty beast if it will help free the giant. You gladly welcome him into the party, given that Kasim tells you in no uncertain terms that he will not be a party to hunting an animal for sport, or even to aid the Giant.

So, you set off the next day back into the jungle towards the area where Ereg told you that the Lurking Two-Maw would be. While you were swathing a way through a dense part of the jungle, you were ambushed by some sort of living vine and a large Owlbear.

To be continued…



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