Scars of the Past

Hunting the Two Maw

This session, your hunt for the Lurking Two-Maw took you through the jungles of Xen’Drik, where you were ambushed by an Ambush Vine and a couple of Owlbears, who had set up their hunting grounds here presumably because the Ambush Vine was adept at delaying and immobilizing its prey. You were able to dispatch the beasts and the plant, and continued on.

During your journey, you could feel the magical eddies of Xen’drik, commonly referred to as the “Traveler’s Curse”, pulling against you, but thanks to Lydan’s and Methalis’ penchant for the arcane, you overcame the Curse and made your way through the jungle with ease. You also were able to get over the gaping chasm by swinging across the vines, save for Kriv, who fell into the river and nearly drowned.

Once past the obstacles the jungle presented, you found your way to the hunting grounds of the Two-Maw, where you came upon one of these specimens having just gorged himself on a tasty herd of elk, allowing you to surprise him, put him to sleep, and bloody him in one single round. The rest of the fight went quickly, and the Two-maw went down way faster than the DM anticipated. Methalis cast his teleportation Ritual to return you to the meeting place.

Meanwhile, back in Stormreach, Kasim had bid you all farewell while you went hunting the Two-Maw, proclaiming that he had no desire to kill a beast of nature. As you left, he noticed an individual watching your party from across the street who followed you as you left. Kasim decided to follow this man as he shadowed the group and was successful in doing so until you all disappeared into the jungle. The man met up with Ereg D’Avalis, your patron, as he returned from showing you where you would teleport upon completion of your assignment. Kasim watched the two of them and followed them back into the city. It appeared as though the man was reporting something to Ereg, but Kasim was not able to overhear their conversation.

Ereg and the stranger parted ways, and Kasim decided to follow the stranger, which led him back to the district of the city that you first entered when you arrived where most of the inhabitants seemed to hail from Kaarnathi. The man entered one of the temples to the Blood of Vol, and did not emerge again.

Kasim decided to go to Ereg’s house and watch it for a while. Later that evening, Ereg emerged with a bundle of gear and wearing armor. Kasim followed him back to the Portal area and observed him summoning some sort of undead cat creatures, as well as performing some kind of Ritual in the portal area that seemed to affect the original teleportation circle that Methalis had created. Kasim was not sure what Ereg was doing, but knew that there was little he could do but wait and hope that he could somehow foil what appeared to be some sort of trap set for his friends…



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