Scars of the Past

King of the Fey

A long time ago, in a Fairy Court far far away…

The Pixies led you through the winding, ever-changing paths of Thelanis, pausing only to allow a couple Feymire Crocodiles and a Feygrove Choker vine to have some sport with you. After you’d defeated them, the pixies led you further into the forest, and eventually to the Court of Ellida, the Fairy Queen. You are welcome to the Court with music and dancing, as well as a large feast. The Queen is surprised that Kasim does not remember their previous encounter when he was in the Feywild, but seems satisfied when you explain about the Sphere of Remembrance. She tells you how she came to be in Eberron, and explains why she cannot leave…

When last we met, and you told me of this world, I was very curious. Some time ago, the stars aligned in such a way that made travel between this world and the Fey not only possible, but very easy. I decided to take advantage of this, and came to visit your world. I dreamed that I would meet you again, and this seemed like a perfectly good way to bring the dream to life.

I have enjoyed my time in this world, but I fear that I have stayed too long, and must be returning to the Fey. But it seems that there is some sort of magical energy here that is preventing us from fully entering Thelanis again. We have been wandering this continent from border to border, but I have failed time and again. This region of the jungle is the closest I have come. As you can see, I was able to summon forth a part of the Fey and bring it across the veil between your plane and ours, but I cannot make myself cross over. At first, I thought that it was the alignments of the moons, or I needed some ritual, but when my pixies told me that they had found the half-breed I had met in Thelanis, I realized why I could not leave. My dream had not yet been fulfilled. Now that you are here, the dream can be finally be fulfilled.

She explains that if Kasim will submit himself to a Ritual, he will become her King, and may return with her to the Feywild to rule by her side, or return to Eberron to be summoned to Thelanis at a later date. Kasim mulls over his decision, and asks that he be given time to decide. The Queen agrees, but asks that he accompany her so that she may show him something.

After the meal, the party is taken to their sleeping area, while Kasim accompanies the Queen. The Queen shows Kasim all the wonders and beauty of Thelanis, and explains how all of it can be his, as well as eternal life. Eventually, Kasim succumbs to her charms and agrees to allow herto perform the Ritual, so long as he will be allowed to leave with his friends afterwards…

“Excellent”, Ellida says. Suddenly, a group of flowers emerges from the ground, growing into the shape of a large bed. “There is a ritual that must be performed in order to begin the consummation. At the completion of the Ritual, you will be my King, and I your devoted Fairy Queen…Take off your clothes.” As you remove your clothes, you hear thunder overhead, and the Queen begins chanting in a booming voice. She reaches out to you and touches your cheek as the wind begins to howl and rustle the branches of the trees. Dark clouds gather overhead, and you feel a sense of awe and peace come over you. The queen continues to chant…

Meanwhile, the party is led to their sleeping area by the Queen’s guards and a dark looking Satyr named Tioboid.

Tioboid leads you all through the wooded paths towards a clearing where you find four beds made of roots and leaves. In a small nook is a steaming pool that looks big enough for all of you to wade into.

Tioboid stands off to the side as you enter the clearing. He dismisses the other Satyrs and addresses you. “Your friend is in great danger. If he does not go with the Queen, you all may be in danger. She is not used to not getting her way, and if she cannot get what she wants, she may take it by force. Even if he does go with her, he will not survive long in the Feywild as her lover. She believes that his half-fey nature will somehow protect him from her…hunger…but eventually she will consume his soul. Only a true Fey can be with her for very long, but she has set her sights upon him, and so he is in danger from her.”

“I believe there is only one way to convince her that he is not destined to be her king. He must die. If he is killed during the consummation ritual, she will have to choose another to replace him, or she will die with him….”

Tioboid confirms the party’s suspicions that he would be the one to replace Kasim in the Ritual, but they decide that the ends justify the means and that they will kill Kasim.

Immediately, the group hears the sound of Thunder in the distance, and Tioboid tells them that they have no time to waste…The Ritual has begun!

The party arrives in the Queen’s chamber to find a naked Kasim standing before Ellida while she casts the Ritual. Immediately the Satyrs and Pixies loyal to the Queen move to stop the party from interfering. Kasim does not know why his friends are trying to kill him, and he fights back as best he can.

Kasim tries to escape the chaotic scene, but finds himself growing weaker the farther he gets from the Queen. Only then does he realize that his fate is now tied to hers, and that her promises of freedom may have been lies all along. He succumbs to his wounds inflicted by his friends and dies.

The connection between the Queen and Kasim seems to snap and she recoils in pain and drops to the ground. Tioboid steps towards her and shouts, “Ellida, you must finish the Ritual! Do it!”

Ellida begins sobbing. “This was your plan all along wasn’t it Tioboid! You’ve always been a jealous fool! You couldn’t stand to see me happy!”

“No, my Queen, I couldn’t stand to see you flit from one conquest to the next while our Kindgom fell into ruin. Now cease your whining. You are a Queen of Thelanis, and it is time you acted as such!”

Ellida wipes her tears away and stares at Tioboid, still angry, but slowly realizing that her fate is sealed, she begins the ritual again. After 10 minutes, the thunderclouds cease, and Ellida collapses to the ground. Tioboid picks her up and approaches you.

“Thank you for your help. There is one last step to complete the Ritual, and we will be joined as King and Queen. I’m afraid for this part, you will all want to leave.

Prialis will give you your Ritual, and you may stay here and recooperate if you wish. Once the Ritual is complete though, we will be returning to Thelanis. We have been gone for too long, and we must begin to repair the damage that has been done.

I thank you again for your aid. Within my quarters, you will find a chest. You may take anything from it that you wish. I have collected some interesting items over the years, and I’m sure they can be replaced.”

The party spends some time resting, and Methalis resurrects Kasim. The next day, the party gathers once more in the Fairy Court, now ruled by a King Tioboid and Queen Ellida. The Court and all of its retainers bid you all fairwell. The Queen asks for a moment alone with Kasim…

“I am sorry for what you had to endure at my expense. You gave your life for me, but I only have this to give in return…” She hands you a small ring, that, when activated, produces the images of Thelanis that the Queen showed you before, as well as additional benefits (See Ring of Calling – Adventurer’s Vault).



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