Scars of the Past

Summoned by the Queen

You decided to get out of town for a while, worried that you may have attracted the attention of the Blood of Vol. You went to the Wayfinder’s Guild and inquired about one of the postings in the Expeditions office concerning a tower in the center of a mist shrouded lake. The Gnome Expedition handler was happy to provide you with a map, as well as transportation in the form of magebred horses. Lydan also retrieved his Wyvern from the House Vadalis stable and was informed by the stable master that the Wyvern was indeed well trained and one of the swiftest mounts he had ever ridden, suggesting that he would perform well in the Race of the Eight Winds in Eberron.

You left the city, heading back into the wilds of Xen’drik. Not long into your travels, you had your first unexpected encounter.

Towards the middle of the day, just as the sun passes its zenith, you see a shadow pass above you. When you look up, you see only clouds, leading you to believe that it was just an illusion, but then suddenly a dark shape bursts from one of the cloud forms, descending rapidly towards you. There is no mistaking the leathery, folded wings or the lashing tail attached to a scaly, lizard-like form. A Dragon has found you.

Despite what you knew about Eberron’s many Dragons, this one did not seem interested in discussing the Draconic Prophecies. He immediately attacked you. Using your resources well, you were able to defeat him, but afterwards it occurred to you that you had missed an opportunity to let him escape and follow him back to his horde. Fortunately, Methalis was able to cast a Ritual of “Speak With Dead” and question the Dragon about his horde, which his corpse told you was behind a waterfall to the east. You decided to go there first and see what treasures you might find.

On the way to the river, you decided to take an extended rest. A few hours into your rest, however, you were awoken by several pixies, who recognized and seemed very interested in Kasim.

There he is! The one who stole the Queen’s heart!

He’s so ugly! Why does she want him?

I don’t know, but we should tell her that he’s here. She’s sure to reward us well.

Yes, perhaps she’ll even give me a kiss!

She sooner kiss a dolgaunt than kiss you!

What’s a dolgaunt?

I don’t know. Something I heard once, but they are definitely supposed to be very ugly hahahaha.

You take that back or I’ll poke you with my foot…

You tried to ignore them, but they were very insistent, somehow causing the jungle itself began to invade the magical structure where you were resting. Once it became clear that the Pixies were not going to leave you alone, you decided that the only course of action was to follow them.

Once in the jungle, you realized that the trees and vines were somehow different. The jungle was much denser and red and white mushrooms sprouted from the trees. Methalis could feel that something was definitely different, similar in a way to the region you encountered back in the giant city, as if the veil between Eberron and the Feywild was somehow thinner here, making travel between planes much easier. Lydan recognized it as Thelanis, the region of the Feywild where Pixies and Nymphs held sway. Neither Methalis or Lydan could be sure, but it didn’t seem to them that you had crossed over, but more that a small part of Thelanis had actually come to inhabit this region of Eberron, and you were trapped within.

You continued to follow the pixies through the wilds of Thelanis, wondering who this Queen was, and what she wanted with your friend Kasim…



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