Scars of the Past

The return of Belwar!

While you were browsing the Bazaar, Stormreach’s main marketplace, you came across a rather strange Tapestry shoppe. Within, you noticed that there were several tapestries depicting some familiar faces, namely yourselves…

Several tapestries are on display, and within several of them, you strangely enough, see images of yourself. In one tapestry, Methalis walks alone in a dark crypt filled with sarcophagi, a floating ball of light emanating from his staff. The sarcophagi are all closed and sealed with the bodies of well dressed Dwarves who all scream in terror and push on the lids of their sarcophagus, trying to get out. Below the scene, the head of some osrt of half-man / half-cat creature smiles at Methalis as if welcoming him home.

Another tapestry depicts a giant two-headed lizard with the jaws of both heads clamping down on someone that remarkably resembles your friend Kasim, who struggles in vein to keep the maws from crushing him.

Yet another scene depicted is that of your frient Lydan, naked in the arms of a beautiful woman whose face is hidden in shadow. She holds a curved dagger above him, ready to strike.

Another tapestry shows a shelf lined with various weapons of battle, and amidst them, the head of Flint sits prominently displayed.

Another scene shows a dark tower on a cliff by the sea, with the body of Kriv impaled on a wrought iron fence below the tower.

Finally, you notice yet another tapestry that shows a massive hill giant juggling several objects, one of them being your friend Belwar’s head.

You speak with the owner, an elderly female gnome, who tells you that she dreams strange scenes and uses them as inspiration for her art. She doesn’t recall ever meeting any of the people in her dreams or her tapestries before, and she seems just as surprised as you to come face-to-face with her art made flesh. She offers you a deal on the tapestries, and asks that you return and tell her the tale if you are able to unravel any of the mysteries behind them.

As soon as you leave the Gnome’s shoppe, you hear loud noises and crashes coming from the other side of the Bazaar. Suddenly, a part of the tent is ripped away, momentarily blinding you. When your vision returns, a familiar face suddenly emerges from beneath a large cart, just before the cart tumbles end over end across the bazaar, revealing a massive angry Hill Giant. The familiar face is none other than your friend Belwar, who you left the onerous task of following and spying on the Deva, Omara Terisla. It seems Belwar got distracted from his agenda yet again, as the giant roars about a halfling stealing his purse.

You battle the giant in the middle of the bazaar, with people running for their lives and hiding as best they can. The giant is no match for you though, and just before you are about to subdue him, some of his friends arrive and put an end to the fight.

During the discussion with the City Guard and the giants, Kasim, Belwar, and Lydan, all escape, leaving Methalis, Flint, and Kriv with 4 giants and the City Guard. The leader of the Giants, Gaulronak, takes charge of them and brings them back to the Tents of Rusheme, the Giants’ home just outside the city walls. Kriv decides to hand your Drow prisoner over to the City Guard, who clearly don’t care or want him. The Guard lets him go, and he takes off through the city. Kasim, Belwar and Lydan all pursue and eventually kill him just outside the city gates.

Once in the Tents of Rusheme, Gaulronak tells you that the Giant that Belwar stole from, Tragar, has been on edge far more than usual lately. His younger brother, Trogan, was sold into slavery due to his gambling debt, and is now owned by a man named Ereg D’Avalis. Gaulronak asks you to aid him by speaking with Ereg, who now uses the Giant as a fighter in the Red Ring, Stormreach’s bloody gladiator tournament, and try to convince him to release Trogan. Gaulronak tells you that he has already offered Ereg gold in exchange for Trogan’s life, but Ereg did not seem interested. Gaulronak’s hope is that you will be able to find out if there is something else that will motivate Ereg to give over the Giant…

Methalis agrees to aid Gaulronak, and he promises to pay you 2,000 gold if successful. Gaulronak releases the party on their own recognizance. After a brief discussion around whether you really want to aid the Giants or not, you all decide to go through with it and not make enemies of the Giants.

You decide to investigate the Red Ring, which is in the Locksmith district of Silverwall. There seems to be a strong Dwarf presence there, possibly due to its proximity to Coasthold, the district where House Kundarak has made its home.

Once inside the Ring, you all settle in to watch a bloody and glorious fight between three oddly paired teams of two: A Warforged and a Drow vs. a Cyclops and a Hobgoblin vs. a Shifter and a Dragonborn. Some of you wager on the fight, but only Lydan wins any money when he places his bet on the Cyclops / Hobgoblin team. Throughout the fight, you find yourselves strangely attached to some of the fighters, as if you could predict their every attack…

Meanwhile, Belwar decides to investigate the inner workings of the Ring, and finds it both heavily fortified and heavily guarded by the Dwarves. As the grueling death match ends, you look around to realize that Belwar has once again disappeared…



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