Scars of the Past

The sleeping giant

After returning to Eberron, you found your horses and Wyvern right where you left them in the jungle clearing. Determined to continue on to find the Dragon’s lair, you set out once again eastwards through the jungle. Lydan took to the air above the jungle canopy to scout ahead and help you follow the terrain, occasionally coming back down to ground level to alert you to hazards and paths that you should follow. A few hours go by, when Lydan spots something happening in the jungle below. A group of Eladrin were being ambushed by a large group of Yuan-ti natives.

Lydan swoops down and joins the fray, and commands the Wyvern to cry out to alert the party that something is going on. The party rushes in to join him, and you are able to defeat the Yuan-ti, but not before 3 of the 4 Eladrin are slain, including Chyn, one of the Deathless Soldiers of the Aerenal Eladrin.

The remaining survivor, a female Deathless soldier named Riven, explains to you that she was on a mission from the Undying Court to uncover an ancient artifact in the wilds of Xen’drik that is somehow important to the Eladrin people. She only has a cryptic message to guide her, but from that message, she has derived that the artifact rests beneath the statue of one of the ancient Giant civilization that once ruled the continent of Xen’drik. Lydan recalls having seen a large statue to the northeast as he was flying about, and the party agrees in aiding Riven in finding and retrieving the artifact.

You are able to find the statue, though all that remains is the lower section of the giant’s body. The rest has crumbled over time. Both Lydan and Methalis sense that there is some remnant of divination and transmutation magic, both in the statue and in the pool outside the ruins that is fed by an underground spring, but the purpose of the enchantments seem to have been lost in time.

Inside the ruins, you discover that the monument’s interior seems to have been taken over by 3 Drow Driders, who are alerted to your presence when Kriv and Riven inadvertently disturb the webbing that was preventing two statues from crumbling and crashing to the floor.

Once you defeat the driders, Riven you explore the rest of the ruins to find a large chair that looks to be sized for giant-kind, and Riven sits in the chair. When she sits in the chair, she is able to view images that look familiar, as if she is looking at the outside of the ruins. Upon investigation, you deduce that the the chair allows the user to see through the eyes of the statue. Since the statue’s head now lies toppled on the ground beneath its remains, this functionality no longer seems useful. By deciphering the cryptic message given to Riven by the Undying Councilor, you decide to wait until nightfall to observe the statue’s head. Sure enough, when night falls, the head of the statue glows, but beyond that, it seemingly does nothing else…

The Undying Councilor’s message was:

Sit upon the dais beneath the towering captor so that you may see what must be seen. When the moon shines, your question will be answered. Send the answer to us, and supplant the one who falls.



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