Scars of the Past

To Stormreach

Is it Wi-vern or why-vern?

Aboard the Airship, you questioned Omara for more information on the Drow, but it’s soon clear that she spends far more time with her head in a book than she does in the actual wilds of Xen’drik. You settled in below deck on the ship for the remainder of the journey to Stormreach.

Sometime in the middle of the night, the ship is assaulted by several Drow, who seemed to have tracked and followed you on Wyvern-back. The battle raged both above and below deck, as well as in the air. The Drow seemed to be trying to find the sphere, a suspicion you confirmed when you capture and question one of them later. With the help of the crew of the airship, in particular the First mate, Storm, you defeated most of the Sulatar Drow and drive the others away. You also managed to wrestle one of the wyverns to the deck of the airship and tie it down. The Drow prisoner provided you with some of the Elven commands, and Lydan decided to take the wyvern into his care to attempt to use it as his own mount.

Once in Stormreach, you bid farewell to Omara, but arranged to meet with her at a later date at the Nest, the Wayfinder’s local establishment just outside Stormreach. Methalis doesn’t completely trust Omara, so you decided to have Belwar shadow her and see what he can find out.

Captain Denalis was only too happy to see your backs. Although he wasn’t pleased with the additional hassle your group caused him, and the death of one of his crew, he did seem somewhat amenable once you paid him an extra sapphire for his trouble. You got the feeling that as long as you could afford it, you could probably use his services again.

In Stormreach, you passed through the Grindstone district of Southwatch, which seemed to be the area where many Karrnathi natives had settled upon arrival here. Unlike other cities though, the Blood of Vol was openly practiced in Grindstone, and its members walked the streets safely under the watchful eye of Karrnathi guards.

You decided to keep your Drow prisoner with you for the time being, too fearful to let him go back to his people, and unwilling to kill him outright. You contemplated possibly selling him into slavery as a compromise between the two options. You asked around for someone to guide you to the Wayfinder’s enclave, but decided to spend some time in the city’s Marketplace district first.



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