Scars of the Past

Week 2 - Following the Dragonshard

After taking a short rest inside the temple, you look around and realize that your friend Belwar is missing. After making sure that he’s not inside the temple, you head outside to look for him. Outside, you find yourself in the dark streets of what appears to be the ruins of an ancient Giant city, lit only by moonlight. Your knowledge of history tells you that there was an ancient civilization of giants that once lived on the continent of Xen’drik, but they disappeared several millennia ago.

As soon as you step outside the temple, a Drow female approaches you and tells you that she has captured Belwar. She will only return him if you give her the sphere that you found inside the temple. She identifies herself as part of the Sulatar Clan. You try to negotiate with her, but you quickly find that she and her friends aren’t interested in negotiating. Two Drow come out of hiding to attack you. The Drow fight using a powerful poison on their blades which knocks some of you unconscious, but with the help of Belwar, who has managed to escape his bonds, you are able to dispatch them. Just as the fight ends, Belwar collapses, succumbing to a poison that the Drow have given him.

Belwar continues to suffer from the poison’s effects, and you realize that if you don’t act, he could die. Searching the Drow, you find that they have the antidote to the poison, but it isn’t complete. You use your knowledge of nature and healing to find the missing reagents and complete the antidote. Once given to Belwar, he slowly recovers and you set out again.

The ruins seem abandoned, so you set off south. After traveling for a few hours, you realize that the Dragonshard that Methalis is carrying has started pulsing more slowly than before. You turn around and head back towards the ruins, the rate of the pulsing increases back to what it was before. You cross the ruins again and this time head north. The dragonshard begins to pulse faster the farther north you go. You reach the edge of the jungle and step into a rocky clearing, where you are ambushed by a huge Earth Titan. The Earth Titan proves a formidable opponent. Just as you feel the battle winding down, however, you hear the desperate cries of another titan. The second titan attacks, trying to reach her mate, but is blocked by a wall of fire erected by Methalis. At almost the same time, a shadow appears above you, cast by what appears to be a flying ship wreathed in a magical blue circle of energy. You recognize it as a House Lyrander Airship, although the half-elf crew does not appear to wear the colors of House Lyrander.

With the help of the half-elves, you take down the second Earth Titan and board the airship, hoping that their arrival and the sudden increase of the Dragonshard’s pulse rate are somehow related in a good way.

Aboard the airship, the crew mostly ignores you, but one individual does approach you. A tall, purple skinned female Deva approaches you, carrying what appears to be the other half of the dragonshard that led you here. It pulses in time with the dragonshard you carry until she connects the two and they both go silent. She inquires about the sphere, and you present it to her. She is shocked to learn that you inadvertantly activated the sphere, but she seems hopeful that she might be able to recover your memories after studying the sphere. Once she realizes that you don’t remember meeting her, she introduces herself as Omara Terisla, a historian who works for the Wayfinder Foundation out of Sharn. She says she came to Xen’drik specifically seeking the sphere, and that other expeditions have tried and failed to retrieve it. She thanks you for succeeding in your mission, and pays you the agreed upon gold for finding the sphere.

Omara suggests that you return to Stormreach and see what you can learn about what you’ve been doing on Xen’drik and why you are here. She retreats below deck, taking the sphere with her.



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