Belwar Farseer

Naive but very curious wanderer


Belwar was raised by a Valenar elf named Arazel Farseer after Farseer rescued him from a goblin raid that left the rest of the halfling village destroyed. Trained in stealth and thievery, Belwar woke one morning to find his mentor gone. After several minutes of waiting, Belwar felt he was losing his mind to bordom and decided to see what was on the other side of the valley that he lived in. Knowing that there may be dangers along the way, he outfitted himself with the equipment that Farseer left behind, including a full suit of enchanted plate armor, heavy shield, and magical greatsword and departed. After an hour of walking, Belwar decided that his equipment was too heavy and left most of it in the dirt.

After walking for several hours and an interesting encounter with a farmer who chased him off his farm for a reasom beyond his understanding, Belwar finished eating the chicken he roasted and walked the rest of the way into the small town of Fallcrest, befriending a group of very tall adventurers who seemed in obvious need of his protection.

Known affiliations:

Dark Lanterns of Breland – Rogue agent. Not an official member (yet)

Boromar Clan – Rogue agent. Has been invited to join as a full member but has not yet accepted.

Belwar Farseer

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