Gerard Denalis Lyrander

Captain of the airship Greystorm's Curse. A Dragonmarked member of House Lyrander who has been cast out from the house for unknown reasons.


9th level Dragonmarked (Mark of Storm) Swordmage.


Captain Denalis was cast out of House Lyrander some years ago for using House resources to run illegal cargo between Droamm and Karrnath. He was stripped of all titles and land, but somehow managed to scrape together enough gold to buy his own airship and assemble a crew of some of the less savory half-elves that he used to command.

He now makes runs only in Xen’drik. Some say he may be insane because traveling across Xen’drik is extremely dangerous, not only because of the many fantastical beasts that roam the land, but due to the ever shifting landscape caused by The Travelers’ Curse. Being one of the few Airships that will travel across Xen’drik, he commands large sums of money for his services, and few can afford them.

His crew remains loyal to him for many reasons, mostly because he pays them very well.

His first mate, a Warforged named Storm, remains loyal for other reasons, but no one is quite sure why.

Gerard Denalis Lyrander

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