Lord Boroman Ir'Dayne

A well traveled, wealthy, skilled adventurer. Founded the Wayfinder Foundation


In his youth, Lord Boroman ir’Dayne was a great hunter and explorer. He led the only expedition ever to reach the Frostfell and return to tell the tale. He wrestled ogres in Droaam, fought chuuls in the Shadow Marches, and was the first half ling to travel to Xen’drik and return. Dayne amassed a fortune in his day, but during his final expedition to Xen’drik he contracted a slow, wasting curse that no magic has been able to reverse.

He has a few years of life left, and while he no longer has the strength to explore on his own, he still wants to unlock the mysteries of the unknown. To this end, he dedicated his fortune to establishing the Wayfinder Foundation—a guild for adventurers and explorers that funds dangerous expeditions to exotic locales, as well as giving bold adventurers a place to display their trophies and tell tall tales.


Lord Boroman Ir'Dayne

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