Arek Mahmuud

A pale skinned human of unknown origin or background


Kasim first met Arek while wandering the desert after having been shunned by his own people. Arek took pity on Kasim, and saved his life before he succumbed to the harsh desert sun. Kasim spent several weeks with Arek, learning to use his swords to better effect and learning much about the desert and its inhabitants, but little about the man training him.

In return for saving his life and training him, Arek asked that Kasim deliver a package to a Dwarf in a human town in the far away Kingdom of Breland. Having lost his connection with his people, Kasim agreed, setting him upon a path that would eventually lead him further away from home than he could have imagined.

Arek left Kasim, only to encounter him again many moons later, when Kasim finally discovered Arek’s true nature….


Arek Mahmuud

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