Scars of the Past

Defeating Ereg

You step through the portal, and there is a blinding flash of light and a mild sickening sensation of being ripped apart and put back together again, as you disappear from one place and reappear somewhere else.

When you appeared from the portal, magical chains burst from the ground, restraining the entire party. You found yourselves face to face with your friend Ereg, who had clearly set a trap and had been waiting for you to spring it…

Welcome back my friends! I see you were successful in killing the beast. That’s good. It will truly make a fine addition to my collection. However, as you’ve probably noticed, I do have one little extra surprise for you. It was everything I could do not to giggle when you suggested the linked portal back here. I thought for sure I was going to have to hunt you myself. But why risk the Traveler’s Curse in Xen’drik, when i could set a trap for you right here? And now I have my trophy, and I have all of you for the ritual I’ve been working on. Pity none of you are Dragonmarked though. I’ll still have to work on that part, but your Fey friend here will certainly be a fine sacrifice…

Methalis identified the chains as part of a Tenser’s Binding Ritual. Despite being restrained by the Tenser’s Binding within a zone of Necrotic energy, you managed to defeat Ereg and his summoned Undead jungle cats.

From there, you decided to go back to Ereg’s house in Respite and search for a means to free your Giant friend from the Red Ring. At Ereg’s home, you discovered that he did indeed have a Ritual that allowed him to sacrifice a Humanoid in order to gain it’s Racial Power as a Daily Power, as well as another Ritual Book with a plethora of Rituals, as well as a deed to the “Blood Eaters”, a stable of Gladiators within the Red Ring, which included your Giant friend, Trogan.

You went to the Red Ring and submitted the deed in order to free the slaves in Ereg’s stable. You parted ways with Kolos, who offered his services should you need him again, and you escorted Trogan back to the Tents of Rusheme, where Gaulronak, the Tribe’s leader, thanked you profusely, and offered the services of any of the Guardians of Rusheme should you need their assistance in the future.

As for Ereg, you decided not to plunder his house, fearing reprisal from his associates in the Blood of Vol. Instead, you went back to the Inn for a well needed rest, with intentions of going to the Wayfinders and signing up for an excursion into the wilds of Xen’Drik once again, this time to a Tower in the middle of a Lake that is shrouded in mist, where strange dreams haunt all those who venture nearby…



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